CVD Diamond Coated Endmills & Drills

Diamond Coated carbide tools provides excellent wear resistance and tool life compared to traditional carbide tools

Using a chemical vapor distribution (CVD) process, the coating is slowly grown onto the carbide tools forming a continuous coating

We manufacture tools in house to fit your specifications

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True Diamond Coating

  • True Diamond Coating with a Crystalline Structure
  • Best tool life and performance
  • Applied to special, in house, carbide grades
  • No minimum quantities on orders
  • Applications: Composites, Carbon, Graphite, Green Carbide, Green Ceramics


Diamond Like Coating (DLC)

  • Diamond Like Carbon Coating, Non-Crystalline
  • Can be applied to most carbide grades
  • Economically priced coating option
  • Minimum quantities on all orders
  • Applications: Non Ferrous Materials, Abrasive Plastics, Carbon Fiber, Composites, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Carbon


Coating GradeThicknessMicrohardnessTool Life Improvement
ND1512-15 Microns10,00020x-50x
ND108-10 Microns10,00020x-30x
ND5 (DLC)1-3 Microns5,000-8,0006x-8x