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Diamond Tipped Inserts

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Product Description

We tip carbide inserts with Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN).  CBN is used mostly in producing hard turns on ferrous materials.PCD, harder than CBN, is used for cutting many different composites and non-ferrous materials.Diamond tipped inserts last substantially longer than carbide.Retip and regrind service offered for other manufacturers’ tools as well!


Recommended Speeds & Feeds

PCD MaterialSpeed (SFM)Feed Rate (IPR)Depth of Cut (INCH) CBN MaterialSpeed (SFM)Feed Rate (IPR)Depth of Cut (INCH)
Aluminum3000-5000.005-.008.005-.020Carbon Steel200-500.008 MAX..020 MAX.
Aluminum (5-8% SI)4000-6000.010-.020.005-.020Bearing Steel200-500.008 MAX..020 MAX.
Aluminum (8-12% SI)3000-5000.005-.015.005-.020Alloy Steel200-500.008 MAX..020 MAX.
Aluminum (14-18% SI)1000-3000.002-.010.003-.015Die Steel160-350.008 MAX..020 MAX.
Copper750-1500.003-.008.005-.020Tool Steel160-350.008 MAX..020 MAX.
Bronze1000-1250.003-.008.005-.020High Tensile Cast Iron200-500.060 MAX..100 MAX.
Brass2000-4000.003-.010.005-.020Chilled Cast Iron130-260.032 MAX..100 MAX.
Babbit800-1200.003-.010.005-.020Grey Cast Iron1000-2600.020 MAX..040 MAX.
Carbon500-1000.005-.015.005-.030Powdered Metal500-650.016 MAX..120 MAX.
Glass Fiber750-1000.001-.010.001-.002Inconel500-650.006 MAX..125 MAX.
Carbon Composites500-2000.005-.015.010-.100Rene 41500-650.006 MAX..125 MAX.
Sintered Carbide30-50.004-.006.0005-.005Rene 77450-550.006 MAX..015 MAX.
High Aluminum Ceramics1200-2400.001-.004.0005-.005Incoloy750-900.006 MAX..125 MAX.
Wood and Composites8000-13000.010-.100.010-.100Monel550-650.006 MAX..125 MAX.
Stellite550-650.006 MAX..125 MAX.
Colmonoy550-650.003 MAX..125 MAX.
Waspoloy550-650.003 MAX..060 MAX.

Insert Types

TNG Insert Spec Sheet
TPG Insert Spec Sheet
TEG Insert Spec Sheet
TP Insert Spec Sheet
SNG Insert Spec Sheet
SPG Insert Spec Sheet
SDP Insert Spec Sheet
SEC Insert Spec Sheet
CPG Insert Spec Sheet
CNMA Insert Spec Sheet
DNGA Insert Spec Sheet
VNMA Insert Spec Sheet